Sunday, April 03, 2011

Aggies in NCAA Women's Title Game

Take that, Mitch Albom.
As noted in several posts below, many sport prognosticators seem to just overlook "the other teams" involved in the NCAA Tournament.  On this morning's "Sports Reporter's" the ESPN crew was asked who could best beat returning champion UConn; was it Notre Dame who they are playing tonight in the semi-final or Stanford, who beat them earlier in the year?  To a man the "sports reporters" said Stanford.  As an aside, the moderator did mention that Texas A&M was the "other team" in the Final Four.  So what happened in the "other" seminfinal game tonight? 
Texas A&M 63, Stanford 62.  See the remarkable story here.
UPDATE:  Notre Dame 72, UConn 63.  Hmmprhh.
EVEN BIGGER UPDATE:  Texas A&M 76, Notre Dame 70 - Aggies National Champs

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apathy lounge said...

Our middle son works as a camera man for 12th Man Productions and filmed ALL the Aggie women's home games. He said it was awesome.