Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Inconvenient Truth

I have writers for this, Seth.
Yes, there was a White House Correspondant's Dinner and all of the "reporters" yucked it up.  Obama took shots at Trump, who was there, as did MC Seth Myers from Saturday Night Live.  A review of the events was covered at Nicki Finke's   But if you are a conservative, you apparently cannot post there.  Most of the comments to her blog are straight liberal BS.  But if you post a conservative thought you are excommunicated.  This is a little know truth outside of the blogosphere - you generally have a tough time posting on liberal blogs.  Conservative blogs will take your krap all day long, but liberal ones won't.  There you have it America.  Liberals censor you.  Repubs won't.

And by the way - why did Barry finally release his real birth certificate this week?   To bury it in Donald Trump's face at this event.  Hmm, kept it a secret this long (2.5 yrs) just for that Barry?  Thin skinned?

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