Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Incapable President

I reallydon't know what I'm saying.
Obama's speech today talking about his new plan to reduce the deficit - only a couple of months after he prouduced the largest budget in American history was one of the biggest swings with a "wiff" in political history.  He has clearly staked himself as the lamest President in history.  All we got was class warfare politics now 18 months away from the election.

It is somewhat laughable to read in some circles that Obama "won" the budget battle this past weekend - or even showed leadership in doing so.  Realistically, Obama had his hat handed to him.  But interestingly enough that hasn't prevented him from taking credit for something he didn't even want to happen.  Obama came into this budget fight wanting to "freeze" spending.  Well he got his budget reduced by $40 billion and it would have been more but he conceded to conditions or "riders" attached to the bill to accept a lower number and look like he beat back the Republican hordes.  But now he has agreed to allow a vote on repeal of Obamacare in the Senate and several studies into it eficacy.  It doesn't really matter that the Senate won't repeal it this go round - the publicity and talking points during the arguments leading up the vote are going to continue to point out how bad his "landmark legislative acheivement" really is - and that will take alot of air out of his re-election campaign.

Some new tea-partiers will hoot and hollar and say we didn't get the $100 billion budget cuts that were once talked about but we never were going to get those.  This is a step in the right direction, averts the "government shutdown" issue that Republicans would lose on no matter whose fault it is and keeps the fight going.  It also lays the path for Congressman's Ryan REAL budget plan.

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