Wednesday, April 13, 2011

American Idol Sucks

Wow- what a terrible show.  Why is this non-talented guy in the show?  And as usual the judges said nothing about how BAD he is.  Are they on drugs?  My god - even after last week's debacle they still say "oh Paul you are so special?"  And I have seen no "stage presence" by anybody so far.  The only guy who "moved" was the rocker guy at the end.  But he really is just so and so.  He's no Adam Lambert.  So much for that "entertaiment value".  The show has died.  And the judges suck big time.  And it has obviously shown that Pia was head and shoulders above everyone (see post below).  Who will be the Amercian Idol?-nobody special - and no one that will sell records. So stick it tweeners.  And stick it haters. Shark. Jump.

UPDATE:  The jazz duet between Casey and Haley on the elimination show was just amazing.

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