Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Kelly Clarkson Update!

And this just in – rock n' roll music magazine Blender just named Kelly Clarkson Woman of the Year!

And what a time to do it - well they actually did it several weeks ago, but I have been holding back until Grammy Week. And you know what I think about the current slate of Record of the Year candidates (see here). Once again publication-after-publication claims Kelly to have rocked their world while the nimrods at the Academy select cartoons, clowns, militant doofasses and cartoonish divas as their primary honorees.

"Clarkson nods in appreciation, as Blender’s 2005 Woman of the Year adds another name to her long, strange list of admirers. It’s a truly disparate group, one that includes – but is clearly not limited to – teenage girls, housewives, gay men, indie rockers, Oprah, Dave Grohl, the cast of Laguna Beach, your mom, your fraternity brother, five million or so record buyers and at least one umbrella-designing friend of Diddy”.

No I’m not gay and I turned Laguna Beach down. Diddy who?

“I never thought someone from American idol would turn out to be the real deal”, admits former Evanescence guitarist Ben Moody who co-wrote two songs on 2004’s Breakaway (and who accompanied Clarkson to a tattoo parlor, where they solidified their Lone Star lineage in ink). “But that was just her vehicle. She used it; it didn’t use her. She flipped it on its ass.”

Also Blender named “Since You Were Gone” as its Number One Song of the Year: “The original Cowell-slayer ditches maudlin ballads of her debut and roars back as…a rawk animal! In 2005’s finest single, Clarkson provides the missing link between The N and the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, building from a blasé’ sigh to a bad-boyfriend-obliterating explosion, propelled by a fantastically lean guitar chug. Best experienced wailing along, preferably into an air-mike.” Or while driving with the sunroof back and screaming at people.

Soul Coughing front man M. Doughty enthused about it on his blog: “First of all, it’s just a great, classic single. And she’s got one of those voices – it’s like a higher version of a trombone. (Trombone. Wha – no cowbell?) No vibrato. Super-strong. Pure Texas. (Ye-aagh!) You don’t really hear a lot of voices like that in pop music.”

What is probably even more interesting is that her fourth hit off of Breakaway may even be her biggest. Because of You (“I never stray too far from the sidewalk…”) has been the number one video on VH-1 (or close to it) for about eight weeks now.

So go ahead Grammys. Pick Moo-riah or some of those other clowns. All of us desperate housewives know who rules.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.


wordgirl said...

Congrats on K.C's win. I figured you'd be celebrating in a big way. Oh're in California. You don't know about it yet. Sorry.

Rock said...

Wow. I just got home (flying in form H-town) and didn't know she had won something before and I saw her sing and she seemed sort of emotional but I didn't know why - and then she just won again. Must be because of my rampant posts.

Wait-a-minute - I think you just posted at the same time I looked this up PST.

R. Robyn said...

I'm new commenter! Woohoo. It's nice to see somebody excited about Kelly Clarkson. I liked her since American Idol and I was just waiting for her to "Breakaway" from the poppy material AI set her up with.
Also...Blender is a great magazine...and I'm not sure I fit into any of those categories.

DebbieDoesLife said...

Other than I despised the red ruffly dress she wore during her number at the Grammy's I am glad she won.

Rock said...

I may be boring everyone with my Kelly fetish - I knew she was up for best pop vocal but I did not know about the album nomination or that it was a primetime prize - so that was all a welcome surprise.

Thank you Debbie for playing and watching.

Rock and RocketRobyn - I like this aliteration (I did date a girl name Roxayln for a month once - too bad). Are you going to Torino RocketRobyn?