Thursday, February 09, 2006

Grammy Award Winner

Wow - our little Texas girl did it - she wasn't there for the big one but she won two big others - and beat the best. Wow - our little girl did it. There is a God. And he's from the big state.

And did anybody notice that Mary J. Blige cannot fucking sing?

Please see below as well (I spent alot of time on it expecting nothing).

And if you don't comment, I'll hunt you down - well you know - down to Chinatown. Fokker.


Tink said...

Hunt me down huh? Oh-kay, you can try. I'm pretty handy with a spork and 2lb flashlight though.

Rock said...

a spork?

wordgirl said...

Combination spoon and fork. Common camping utensil.q

Rock said...

Did I ask you Darryl?

Brooke said...

You KNOW I totally thought of you when she won.

Where was the "Thanks to Rock" shout out?!