Sunday, December 11, 2005

Kelly Clarkson's Been Screwed

Kelly Clarkson's omission from Record of the Year is just another great gaffe in what is probably the worst awards show of all time. Sure we all have a grand time discussing Oscar this and that. But the Grammy's prove year after year that they do no understand anything.

Now, granted, we all have distinct music tastes, and the Grammys have made sure to include many genres over the years and frankly almost anybody gets to take home an award after the pre-Grammy event under a tent - but it is obvious that the show has been taken over by money-handed studios pushing their product. And the fact that whoever these voters are get total mind-block and vote for what ever is the cause-celebre - case in fact - why did Norah Jones have to win five Grammy's - wasn't her nice song worth two or three - why did she get Album of the Year when Bruce devoted a entire disk to 9/11? You know why - because all of these people are stoned silly. And they are followers - not critics of talent - or evaluators of what is really going on in music today. Followers. Friggin' flocks of sheep - or seagulls.

So WHO did get nominated fo the coveted Record of the Year award? Let's take them in order:

Mariah Carey - for some song I never heard on radio ever. I mean I'm glad she made a comeback and I think her performance at that big World Hug event this year was really great. but record of the year? Does anybody even remember her songs from this album?

Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl - I love Gwen, she's my girl, and I like this song alot - but this didn't even come close to lasting on the charts next to Kelly - record of the year????

Kanye West- great, he gets to call the Pres out and he gets a nod with a late season entry that is not that great? We all welcome rap as a decent entry here - but this not really good at all.

Gorillas Inc. - great video but another late entry - how is THIS a record of the year? Sheer bullshit.

These are TERRIBLE nominees. Kelly has had three songs from her album make the top video on VH1, (with four from her album to make the top 20) her songs are among the most downloadable on the Net and "Since You've Been Gone" has been has been a kismet to many. Many up and coming bands are using it as covers and girls from everywhere have used it has a touchstone.

And no one screams from the top of their lungs from their car Mariah' song - they sing Kelly's - the true winner and best of all of these studio pushed losers.


wordgirl said...

Oh my! When I scream in the car, it's usually at the guy in the BMW cutting me off.

Rock said...

I know - they all tell me.

Shrinking Violet said...

MOOOOORIAH Carey makes me gag. Honey, the Grammy's were sold a long time ago. Remember Milli Vanilli? And, not that I don't love me some Bruce Springsteen, but come on - sympathy votes are just as noxious as money votes. Just be thankful that Paris Hilton's new CD was nominated. Because then I would KNOW THE APOCOLYPSE has started!

Shrinking Violet said...


Brooke said...

(Hi there Mr. Whitman ;)! Thanks for the positive comments on my blog re: the job search. Love the boat BTW. Would you believe I grew up in Palos Verdes, so I know all about what you're talking about!)

Now to today's entry...I TOTALLY agree. And trust me, I'm not the type to usually enjoy the Kellys of the music business.

But she has talent and you can't deny that. (Plus, I think "Since U Been Gone" was my big time guilty pleasure of the year.)

And I am SO OVER Mariah. Ugh.

You may be interested to see this.

Which is what happens when you have WAAAY too much time on your hands.

Rock said...


Mrs. Harridan said...

Everybody - everybody! - loves Kelly Clarkson. She'll probably end up to be the only American Idol winner anyone can stand more than a month or so. She's certainly the most talented.

Gewn Stefani is addictive, but I'm just not down with a 35 year old woman dressed as a Harajuku cheerleader. Way too Toni Basil. And Mariah's aping the cheerleader look is just embarrassing for all parties concerned! Have you seen the holiday publicity stills of her posing with a taxidermied dog? Eek!

Ditsy Chick said...

You're pretty passionate about this aren't you? I like Kelly, too. I think she actually has talent and that is a rare enough thing. Mariah - gag, gag, gag, how in love with yourself and your over-ripe, now beginning to sag boobs can a person be? It is a complete embarrassment that she is the #1 female singer of all time.

Thank you for the comment on my blog. Can I use your boat for my first video? ha ha

DebbieDoesLife said...

Mariah Carey is whack on crack. The Gorillas aren't even real, they are a cartoon.

Kelly Clarkson kicks ass and should be honored for it!

Rock said...

Thanks DEb - man I can't believe the general positive consensus here -thanks guys, er, gals.