Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Real Buzz

There is a website named HillBuzz ( that was purportedly set up to promote Hillary Clinton's presidential run in 2008. The website owners say they are two openly gay men who live in Chicago and frequent "Boystown"- not that there's anything wrong with that. When it became clear that Hillary was going to lose the primary to Obama they became virulent anti-Obama people and labeled themselves as "Puma's" ("Party Unity My Ass") and had many people convinced that there would be groundswell of Hillary supporters who would vote for McCain instead of Obama. I blogged about it here.

But that didn't happen - or happen enough. And their website went silent for a while. Then it came back with conservative musings and developed a following of "conservative" housewives and, it seems, right-leaning folks who don't get out much (many who participated in the recent totally- politically-motivated vote for Bristol Palin on Dancing With The Stars had never even seen the program, now just completing its 11th successful season).

Then the website did something interesting - it all of a sudden embraced Sarah Palin as something as an heir to Hillary's message and program and started becoming one of her biggest cheerleaders. This seemed odd to me - these two women are hemisphere's apart in ideology and pedigree - but the gay guys from Boystown now embraced both as their own. And so did the housewives that followed them. A handful of Sarah followers are now devoted posters to this site and I imagine even pay to keep it running.

Meanwhile the main organizer of the site has just managed a get-out-the-vote during Dancing With the Stars to keep Bristol Palin on the show -even though she can't dance, nor exudes any type of personality (to even want to root for her even if she can't dance). Kelly Osbourne filled that roll admirably two seasons ago as someone who started unsure but blossomed during the show and more importantly let her infectious enthusiasm fill the ballroom. This was not the case with Bristol. While giving it all she had, she simply does not possess one one-hundreth of the personality of her mother. The only reason people voted en masse for her was because suspect websites convinced unthinking followers to waste time voting multiple times with multiple e-mail addressses because of vague political ideals such as voter fraud. (And that's okay - I really have no problem with the method - but what's the motive?). Because, now, Sarah Palin is even more connected with a sibling, and notion, of "hey you're not qualifed but a bunch of kooks vote like hell for you". That's not a good thing to base a presidential election on. But the site seemed hellbent on purveying it.

And that's what I think HillBuzz was trying to do. Wreck Sarah with her own constituents by tricking them into zealous ventures that will ultimately just damage her brand. I don't trust that site. In 2008 they told browsers that they were convinced that "they" had the votes to beat Obama - but they didn't. I have long viewed this as an example of internet voter suppression. I smell a rat.

Even now when you go to the site and post an opposing view they will not post your post. Do the frequent posters at Hill Buzz understand this? That the entire site is censored? You probably think everyone that goes there agrees 100% with you - they are censoring the entire site!! As a conservative and Republican it pains me to see fairly good souls reduced to blind lemmings, who in their zeal for Bristol, crafted some of the most hateful speech directed at Jennifer Grey and others - and for what? This is what conservatives should aspire to? Hateful spiteful people? I've been to many far left websites but I fear the "conservative" HillBuzz may top many of them in deranged and misplaced anger. I'm afraid the boys at Boystown are playing you big time. Go look that up if you don't understand it buzzers. And if that's not it - then its just a bad website with misguided goals that is not helping the conservative cause.

Whatever the reason, its shameful and ultimately dishonest.

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