Sunday, November 21, 2010

Don't Back Baby in a Corner (or, Bristol, the Pistol, Should Shoot Herself in the Foot)

Let's make a few things clear for the record. I am a big fan of the ABC hit show Dancing with the Stars. And as noted to the right I am a rock 'n roll Republican. And I'm an admirer of Sarah Palin.

But I hate her daughter. And I always thought it was a bad, bad idea that she was put on this show. Why? Because of exactly the situation we are in. Dancing with the Stars is a great show - it combines reality show concepts, competition, celebrities (not necessarily stars) from all walks of life, has a good bit of good humored schmaltz and has almost singlehandedly (along with American Idol a bit) brought back the one-hour variety show back to U.S. TV. We even attended last season's finale and had a wonderful time (hmm, something that I even forgot to blog about so far).

But by bringing Bristol on the show - and even during the national mid-term elections no less - ABC has left themselves open to some second guessing and blow back that I hope the show can survive from. Because what is obvious to me is that certain parts of the right-wing (of where I definitely reside) have decided that voting for Bristol will show America "something" - what that will show I have no idea - and, for the record, I am steadfast against it.

Please America - stop voting for this woman? She CANNOT dance! I could possible see her get by some of the early folks on "Sarah power" and all of that but now it is ridiculous. I even lost a bet A MONTH AGO that she would be gone, but a coworker told me he was sure she would be there through the mid-term elections. Being politically astute (and a fan of the show) I naturaly scoffed at this notion, but I now owe him $20.

This abuse, yes abuse, of a very entertaining and fun show by certain folks and bloggers on the right who think this if funny - is not very funny to me. And also for the record, there have been other abuses in these reality shows. I for one don't know how this Lee guy won American Idol last year - but apparently all of Chicago voted for him. And besides this get out the vote business, there is nothing else really funny going on here as noted here by a former contestant. Please don't give me this nonsense that somehow the Tea Party jammed the lines for Brandy. Blame the judges - they're the ones that have given her inexplicably high scores given her performances.

And that's why she should have never gone on the show. The Republicans, Sarah and everyone else trying to improve the nation's governance going forward doesn't need this noise. If Bristol wins it will just foist more hysterical anti -Tea Party hate and will paint the right in a bad light. We don't need this, guys - this is not a way to prove a political point. And, of course, I'm very sorry Brandy had to go but let's face it - she couldn't even beat the kid from Disney - so she's got some other issues going on there. But please America, and Hill Buzz and Free Republic and the rest of you - cut it out. Vote for Jennifer. Don't back Baby in a corner!


Rock said...

Well I not sure it matters now - now that 16-year old Justin Bieber was voted Artist of the Year by all of the pubescent American Music Award fans - guess they'll change the voting for that now. Did you see the look Russell Brand gave that kid when he won?

Tenebris said...

I read your comments over at Hillbuzz etc with appreciation for what you were trying to do. I wish it were not so obvious to both of us that it was a lost cause from the start -- and it was probably much worse for you, as a "fellow" Republican whose words were nevertheless dismissed the moment they fell out of lock-step with the choir: even though they were for the good of your party. I have no vested interest either way, but I can appreciate someone who speaks up to try to preserve integrity within the side he supports.

I wonder: where were all those votes for the common person when Kate Gosselin was competing? Where were all those votes when Buzz Aldrin was voted off in the second week? And why does one contestant have any duty to do less than her absolute best lest she break the "womanhood code"?

All the best

Rock said...

And do you know what is more amazing about our "diligent protectors of rights" over at - they edit posts.

As you can see from my posts over there I am not name calling - I am trying to make a cogent argument with those that I think are like-minded - but no, the shout be down like I'm some rat that showed up in their kitchen.

I had posts that I made just this night - and later they disappeared from the website. I have never seen such "sifting of public opinion" on the internet EVER!

Tenebris said...

I have. Many times.

Which reminds me: would you know what happened to the other comment I left on your blog?

Rock said...

Have no idea. I welcome any and all comments.