Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lame Central

Well Comedy Central had their rally at the National Mall today - the so-called "Rally to Restore Sanity in America" and there were a few interesting issues that surrounded this event which was clearly put on to poke fun at Glenn Beck's rally - and get out the vote for the Democrats this Tuesday (oh, this rally was really non-political? yeah sure).

One point of order was the highly controlled press component. Some press members were apparently denied press credentials, even though that was impossible to do! Imagine - a rally to apparently calm the vitriol of political debate - and Comedy Central is denying access - especially since Tea Partiers and Beck allowed incredible access. I swear I couldn't even find it on TV today - it's as if it didn't even happen.

Another issue were the hate signs - you know the ones that apparently only pop up at "all-white conservative type rallies" - like the Hitler signs? These are depictions of Republicans as Hitler (Rush, Palin et al) and here is another one of Michigan Representative Eric Cantor from Michigan who is Jewish. Anti-semetic anyone? Huh? Serenity now!
And then there was Cat Stevens, who is now known as Yuslaf whatever, and he sang Peace Train in a rocking 'back and forth' with Ozzie Ozborne (who sang Crazy Train). But just one thing - he supports the fatwa and wants Salmon Rushdie, who wrote a book called the Satanic Verses, which criticises Islam, dead. Anyone remember that? And promoting a radical muslim during this rally "restores the sanity?"

And then there is the turn-out. It appears it didn't come anywhere close to Beck's turnout of 300k but you wouldn't know that by the liberal press who won't really comment on it, or try to express an opinion - and surprisingly, with the press blackout, there are no overhead shots of the Mall to show you anyway. And look at this Associated Press story of the event and the caption to the very same picture above - they label the Hitler posters as just "anti-Republican signs". What? And AP doesn't even blink an eye at this?

Thank god these twits restored the "santity". Can't wait for Tuesday.

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