Sunday, October 03, 2010

Not Even Close

Yeah - I don't think the One America rally quite measured up here this weekend.

I'm not a Glenn Beck phobe by any measure, but I am impressed with his convictions - as are many who attended the August 28 "Restore Honor" rally at the National Mall. Estimates have the crowd at over 300,000 and there were no hate signs, or speech, and everyone behaved. There was no race riot with the nearby Al Sharpton rally that maybe had 5,000 people. The reason the Beck rally was so impressive was that it was a-political and was based mostly on folks wanting a return to certain values they hold closely. There - I said it as impassively as I could.

This weekend we had a "competing" rally - the One America rally which really was just an assemblage of various union groups, ethnic specific organizations and socialists. There signs asked for jobs, blistered Sarah Palin and Glen Beck, and begged for socialism. Not a real positive bunch - nor a patriotic one if you ask me.

Trying to explain the frustration from some of us who can't understand why people march for "jobs" while putting down the very people, and principles, that would provide them is this fine poster on the Reason Foundation page.

Nuff said.

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