Saturday, October 30, 2010

Arrogance Shrugged

What is becoming abundantly clear is that Obama's perceived approach to governing, namely Hope and Change, was never very real - because he never believed in it. What he believed was "its my way, or the highway" - which is fine if it works, but when it doesn't don't blame the other guys for not playing. Barry you set the rules - and it backfired. And even the British press understand this.

When Obama first came into office a group of Republicans came to him with a list of issues that could be used for the upcoming stimulous package. He refused them all claiming that elections had reprecussions and thus he would not even invite their participation (anyone else remember this in the health care debate?). The bottomline is that Obama created his own enemies, decided to do it on his own - and now, with disastorous results has to own it all too. Arrogance.

With every campaign stop the President, and his idiot cronies, try to blame the Republicans for his problems. But with a majority in both houses Obama could pass anything he wanted - and he did. He passed a health care program (jammed down our throat) that will eventually help no one (in fact my own corporate plan has gone up and one plan option has been eliminated).

Eventually as his policies waned even his own Democratic legislature would not vote for silly one-stop band-aid programs (his putrid small business package) that won't do anything. The man is to blame for his own inner view and unfortunate narcissim. This Tuesday will show the world how arrogant the rest of the country feels he is as well.


The Enemy said...

Totally correct, except I would go on to say that even if you agreed with all Barry's policies and they all worked, that you still cannot govern by pissing off so many people and shoving things down their throat.

It is bad politics and it is not presidential.

All Barry has accomplished is to make himself a Lame Duck beginning tonight and he has given the republicans the White House again beginning in 2012.

Another pathetic job by the democratic party. Maybe they can win the White House back in 2020.

Rock said...

Wow, I'm impressed. If you feel this way then the wave is truly tsunami-like.

I also agree that policies is one thing, but form is another - and that has not looked good.