Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's Still a Charlie Brown Christmas

It was becoming a frustrating mid-December evening - work that won't stop even at Xmas time, folks coming in the next day from out of state, a pending catastrophic health care bill - and a bunch of women unexpectedly congregating in my living room for some reason upon invitation by my significant other (see "Jerry McGuire"). Safely ensconsed in my den, I flipped between Fox and CNN until I found what I really needed in this hectic holiday halstrom. I hadn't seen this annual program the week before because it was pre-empted by that jolly old Barack Obama and his merry speech about war.

I was able to catch the back end of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" - and as many times I have seen it - I seem to always forget the calming and redeeming nature of its allure. It is the gold standard of decency, entertainment, teamwork and the truth. It is also amazing to me how it conveys so many feelings and sentiments with a minimum of scenes, dialogue and characters. The plot is simple, grows and crescendos to Linus's speech in the hushed auditorium - which really says it all. Linus tells Charlie what Christmas is really all about.

And I still get a kick that everyone thought Christmas was so commercial back then - in 1965! - and "aluminum trees" were apparently all the rage. I also think its interesting that the show was produced and developed by several of the jewish persuasion (check the credits), but of course that's Hollywood. But, nevertheless, even they believed in Charlie Brown.

And the Hard Place talked about this years ago - of course. God bless you Charlie Brown.
And Merry Christmas to the rest of us.

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