Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Arrogance Personified

President Obama - while pitching another new ill-advised program to "create jobs" (why not just "save" them) - continued on in his speech while claiming credit for things that have not happened and then contiued to blame the previous administration for all wrongs done to man.

Much of his speech centered on doing almost anything different than what has been done before. He will create boards and agencies to protect us. He will get us "green jobs" because "I want this nation to be the leader in that". Leader in what? A myth. He wants jobs and investment in retrofitting houses - who can afford it Barry?

What he really was selling was that he wanted to use excess TARP money to "create jobs" (or more accurately be used to "stimulate" lending to small business). Hmmm - why don't you just cut their taxes - and wasn't looser investment guidelines the reason we are in all of this mess (i.e. Fannie Mae).

Then he had the audacity to say that the deficit had been growing dramatically in real terms over the past 8 years (it was almost balanced in 2007!). He just made this up! Someone on his political team must have said to him "go ahead and say it - everyone will buy it - and we have the media in our hip pocket they don't know how to report news anymore anyway".

While the President did claim he wanted to use some methods that the right have clamored for the past year - cutting taxes for small business - he was unclear on how to do it and essentially wants to use paid back TARP funds (that were to go straight to deficit reduction) to "pay" for it - all in a rambling incoherent speech which did not explain specifics, blamed the past administration and set unrealistic expectations.
There's your "hope and change" - another photo-op for the Pres, a teleprompter, three-to-four "let me be clear" (s) - and with little to show for it.

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