Thursday, December 03, 2009

You Mess with the Bull... get the horns.

There's nothing worse than unbridled hubris - and this is what it looks like.

One of the reasons I started blogging was to comment on how media treats certain stories. This one is another doozy - not so much on how the media is treating it - but how they have deferred to the subject.

Ever since Tiger Woods burst onto the pro golfing stage he has been untouchable. When Fuzzy Zoeller uttered his absurd "fried chicken" remark right after his first Master's win, the press -and most of America - has been in Tiger's corner. And good for him - and maybe for golf.

I will have to admit I have never been a fan - I have never wanted Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 majors broken, never wanted famed golf courses (Augusta) completely overhauled because of his length, never liked the simple rejoinder about golf tournaments that were no good if Tiger wasn't there. I also didn't like his incessant arrogant attitude on the golf course where he threw clubs, threw fits and constantly stared and screamed at people in golf galleries (I've been there) when someone dares to click a camera. I mean come on - find a golfer where everything has been about him like this guy. But like anyone else I have been amazed at the skill and discipline form which he came from virtually nowhere (because of the steady hand of his father) and have come to dominate the game.

Then why couldn't he use such discipline to keep his house in order? Let's face it - he's a whore. And the sporting world and media have covered him - and his myth - for years. And to actually have to hear over the past few days certain on-air personalities (including pregnant morning LA "newswomen")(yes - that's you KTLA) actually DEFEND him on TV - well it absolutely disgusts me.

And it should disgust the rest of you.

And as of even as late as this evening (Thursday night - five days later) "pundits/experts" have still been debating on TV of whether this will hurt his endorsements - first of all why would anyone care. He can still play golf and support himself just fine - if fans actually let him on the course. And most pundits were still saying (after three women came forward and payoffs were obviously made) "oh this will blow over just fine". (Fools).

Really? This isn't just one slip somewhere. There are multiple women - at the same time (and there will be more for sure) - and all the while he has the faithfull wife on the 18th green and kids to welcome him after another great win. Joy Behar says "well at least he's not right-wing hyhpocrite politician who strays". Oh yeah?

He's actually worse. No one will ever look at him the same.

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