Monday, July 27, 2009

Who Helps a Man in Need? Who Couldn't Care Less - Race Baiter In Chief

As noted in the post below (made immediately after his press conference that Wednesday) I said that Obama had played the race card. And that he had done it on purpose because for some reason he thought this was a winning argument to tackle on a night where he did not have any winning arguments (besides accusing pediatricians for choosing tonsilectimies over cough lozanges and accusing insurance companies of making too much profit - amongst other libelous and humourous if it were only not that serious accusations he now customarily makes).

This one famous black author sees the President as someone who has gone back on many of his promises - especially of one of leading a post-racial America. Instead he is one who enflames it with ill-thought out comments. Who is a great communicator? Oh yes, the community organizer.

And this columnist says Obama should stop his incessent race baiting.

Meanwhile the famous Beer Summit was apparently Obama's "teachable moment" for what was really sticking his foot in his mouth - nothing less. As he likes to say, almost indeterminably, its' not about him.

As you can see by the photo above.

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