Thursday, August 06, 2009

Ha, Ha, Ha- Ha, Ha - Ha, Ha, Ha

Obama has now had several chances to explain his dreaded health care reform bill - you know, the one he wanted Congress to pass weeks ago. He had a press conference, where he was supposed to clear things up but only made new commenting on a local police story. Then he had his own Town Hall meeting in Portsmouth, NH in the aftermath of his congressional lackies not even being able to complete sentences in their own town halls - and what did we see? Plants, little girls with big questions who are daughters of Obama campaigners who don't even live in New hmpshire, other obvious selected questioners - but what was even worse - the President STILL cannot explain his plan - and then continues to lie about 1) single payer issues, 2) end of life issues, 3) who really endorses it and 4) then makes a major gaffe essentially comparing his health care plan to the post office. So what does that give you as our President?
The Joker.

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