Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Grin and Bear It

The President's ill-advised health care bill is taking some serious heat and is surely not going to be passed by his stated August deadline. More important it is a disaster waiting to happen. The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) has already stated that it will not cut costs (the bill's stated intent) but will increase costs. Still, Barry wants to get what he thinks is a win and a part of history no matter how much he damages the country. You see with this President - it's not what is right - but is what it is about him.

When asked during a campaign debate why he would raise taxes when it was proven it would decrease revenues he said "because it was fair". And then Charlie Gibson asked again -"but you will get less money if you raise taxes so why do it" and Obama the great one said "because it is fair".

So he doesn't care about results - he cares about what he cares. Doesn't matter what really happens. It's all about him.

Could you have thought there would be a President more narcissitic than Bill Clinton. Meet Barry to E+10?

The fine New York Post columnist puts the negatives of this bill in startling clarity.

So tell me - who of you voted for this fool?

UPDATE: July 22 - After the President's press conference on health care - even MSNBC is unhappy with the President's performance - said he missed a big chance to explain his plan - and didn't. I haven't seen Chris Matthews this disappointed since Chappequidock. And then half of his show devolved into this stupid issue of a black Harvard professor being arrested in his own house - and why was this a question at this press conference? Because a losing President could play his own race card at the end of a terrible showing. Plain and simple. The entiere MSNBC crew seemed to be scratching their heads at what they anticipated was supposed to be a strong argument from the President about details to his "signature" health plan.
Instead -six months in and he's playing the race card. Pathetic.

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