Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Random Thoughts 2

I’m 3 and 2 in fantasy and just basically hanging on. Maybe I should have quit.

Have you ever noticed that those commercials about 10-10-220 are not on any more – you know the ones with Carrot Top and Sir-Eve-a lot? What’s up with that? Has the phone company run out of ad money?

The Detroit Tigers are the story of the post-season. Go Tigers.

We have a race out here for Governor between Ahnuld and some idiot who is on record for raising every tax known to man. Guess who wins. And god that guy Angilides is a putz.

My younger brother, Mike, is getting married in January – thanks for not planning it around Christmas man! Shit – the Southwest miles. And the pressure.

Joe Torre – manager for the Yankees is a class act – but he should walk away from this nonsense and manage some Texas-based team.

Democrats are lame. Sorry – but you are. You have NOTHING.

My best next-door neighbor is leaving who we love and in the midst of the huge California real estate market – so its been interesting to see what he would get. It was good. And now we brace for the new jack-offs. He had a garage sale where he had a box of Playboys’s et al to sell while sitting next to his new wife – I’m not sure I would do that. Not that I have anything like that.

Can I Puleeeeese have a little more cowbell?

If I didn’t have my little kitties to come home to – who knows? They make coming home the best of everything.

And they are next.


wordgirl said...

Sweeping generalizations...tsk, tsk.

And you're so angry.

Rock said...

And - it appears you care.

wordgirl said...

Not about the generalization. If I had, you'd be reading a twelve-paragraph diatribe taking you to task. This comment? Merely an observation.

I did, however,care enough to give you some good (not unsolicited) advice recently and it didn't seem to bother you then. I just don't get the unprovoked hostility.

Rock said...

I don't get you exactly. But right now I will just apoligize and hope you like me in the morning.

Rock said...

Sylvia - can't you just laugh that I got this guy with the bowtie sitting next to me. I just think he's precious.