Wednesday, October 25, 2006

If I'm Not Here...

If you don’t see me here, it’s not because I’m tired of the blog thing. Because I’m not. I do have a full-time job and am the major breadwinner so that’s always number one. And as you could tell from a few posts ago my fall is also consumed with football – both real and fantastical. But generally I always want to write – I always have an angle in my head – it’s just sometimes that angle or issue is about something I would rather not “blog” about.

Obviously some people just roll out of bed and write whatever just occurred in the previous morning hours or evenings – and this is fine for them – but I just can’t go there. For example, a number of people say I don’t mention my relationship with Deborah enough – and that’s sort of because I don’t want anything on this blog to ruin that – she doesn’t really read this site, she still thinks it’s a way for me to troll for women on the net – seriously. So even when I post a nice domestic comment and show a picture of her it’s sort of a “That’s nice honey, but I really know what you’re up to….” She’s also a little sick of the laptop being an ever present appendage of mine when I’m at home. So I’m not really an undercover blogger yet but I got to hit my holes when I can. That was, frankly, a football analogy.

The other topic I’d rather not ramble on a lot about is work. Work is important, it’s my livelihood blah blah blah. And I’ve seen too many instances in my years of things going awry over just simple little things or misunderstandings. If you don’t have anything good to say….et al. So it’s best to keep a low profile. And people who know me probably know that’s sort of hard – so it’s something I work at everyday, something I actively try to manage. Just recently I had turn down a few folks at work who learned I had the blog and wanted the address. My refusal to them was almost deemed as a personal insult to them, but I had to explain that it was nothing for work friends to view, and or use, or misquote. In fact I was protecting them. Haphazard e-mails late at night is bad enough for the written-word-comprehension-impaired – I don’t need whimsical interpretations of blog posts to alert someone somewhere that I may not be “happy” for a moment or two.

In fact a large project has erupted at work which has usurped my entire October – in fact the entire October I planned to almost take off. You see I am a habitual vacation non-taker. I have probably 7 weeks of vacation already accrued that I will lose until I start doing something about it. The problem is that my job is to develop new business so I feel I’m slacking, if…uh…..I’m slacking. But I was going to do that in October – yup that garage was going to be cleaned up alright. But now it will just have to wait for November -hopefully.

And then let’s see what was that other news? Oh yeah, my kid brother is getting married in January at the ripe old age of 41 – into a household of four kids. Cue the sitcom music!

Yeah – not much has been happenin’.

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