Friday, October 06, 2006


Got my headlights shining
Down an old dirt road
Smoke my cigarettes
I should quit, I know

The radio’s playing
Old country songs
Someone’s leaving, someone’s cheating
On and on

I think I might like
The quiet nights
Of this empty life

Cause someday maybe
Somebody will love me like I need
And someday I won’t have to prove
‘Cause somebody will see
All my worth but until then
I’ll do just fine on my own
With my cigarettes
And this old dirt road

See I left another
Good man tonight
I wonder if he’ll miss me
Lord knows I tried

But I think that maybe
The thing that I did wrong
Was put up with his bullshit
For far too long

I ain’t gonna sleep
I ain’t gonna dream
About the things that I used to need
I ain’t gonna cry
Or go on living lies
I’m just gonna drive

With my cigarettes
And this old dirt road.

- The Wreckers (Jessica Harp)

My new favorite song.


wordgirl said... this in any way autobiographical at the present time? you just like the song because it sounds good?

Brooke said...

Yeah. That was my question too.

(OH! And you are a big fat meanie for telling a sick pregnant woman that UCLA sucks. Now 'SC...THERE'S a team that SUCKS!)


Rock said...

Both - and please get the CD.

I know the pastueral effect of having anything that one might lean on to get one through to the next day.

For sure - i have had those cigaretes and the old dirt road - but more importantly - I had the six-pack on the way to A&M from Houston - and that is my memory.

It's tooling down the road with whatever and feeling good about it because you're running from something. that's it. and thinking about a love that just didn't work.

Cigarettes and this old dirt road. i just love that line.