Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Newt is Toast (Conservatively Speaking)

And this was your conservative candidate?

Romney won Florida in a virtual landslide - after coming off the deck in South Carolina.  However, according to pundits, from both the left and right, he did it because of negative ads.  I saw one of these ads highlighted on Hannity (on Fox) and it was by no means a negative ad (but boy, didn't they talk about it - who are you for Sean?).  The ad was basically saying Newt was not a Reagan disciple (which is true).  What's negative about that?  I have seen much more grist in the Meg Whitman/Jerry Brown campaign out here in California - that was brutal.  And critcising Newt because he's not like Reagan? (I mean isn't it self evident anyway?)

It galls me that a week ago Mitt was apparently weak, and showed "no gumption", and people were worried if he had the where-with-all to go toe-to-toe with Obama. Well, he just showed he can by wiping the floor with Gingrich - and all of sudden he's running a "mean campaign?".  And of course Newt is whining about the negativity and how he was outspent.  Give me a fucking break.

Newt received millions in backing from a Las Vegas casino owner to run a "documentary" against Bain Capital, and frankly, free enterprise, in South Carolina. Liar scum. He, and Rick Perry, called venture capital companies "vulture capital" firms and railed against Mitt because he actually paid taxes on his capital gains?  The man argued against capitalism .  How can any conservative vote for that?  Well, South Carolinians did.

But, to quote Paul Simon, that's a one trick pony. Meanwhile at Fox, CNN and MSNBC they are all criticising Mitt for being negative - and in my opinion he wasn't.  Telling the truth is not negative. America wake up.  And Paul Begala - shut up.

Update 2-4-12:  Romney has won Nevada with a majority - and Newt's campaign is in disarray.

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