Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fox News Cheerleads Newt to Improbable South Carolina Win

This man is a disgrace to conservative values.
First of all, I am a conservative Republican - but the over-the-top cheerleading for Newt Gingrich this week on Fox News definitely was a disturbing, and I believe, a major contribution to Gingrich's win in the South Carolina primary.  And what pains me the most is that Newt is somehow characterized as the more conservative response to national poll leader Mitt Romney.  Hmm - let's see here - Newt attacked the free enterprise system and Bain Capital in an amazing display of liberal democratic hubris - and in the same week was pointed out that he is a career adulterer.  But somehow, he is the MORE conservative candidate?  I don't get that.  Screaming at reporters does not make you conservative - it makes you a time bomb - and an unstable President. 

Meanwhile, at Fox News they basically can't contain their elation that Newt has won - I don't know if this is because they really like him, or that he was their colleague the past couple of years or that they now have an actual election to cover.  But the favoratism toward Newt is palaple and astonishing for a network that claims to be fair and balanced.  It has been not.  The smiles on the faces of Megyn Kelly and Andrea whathername are just pasted on their face that their colleague has won.  And, Sarah Palin,  I have lost all respect for you from here on out.

Juan Williams at Fox and John King at CNN gave softballs to Newt at the debates that he could hit out of the park and deliver red meat (although not meaningful) stuff to South Carolinians.  Mitt Romney was fine in both debates but didn't have pat answers about releasing his tax returns.  And by the way NO ONE ELSE WAS ASKED ABOUT THAT.  But Mitt's rich and apparently he, and only he, has to answer these direct questions (why is that?) - and meanwhile Newt campaigns excessively against captialism.  And so, who is actually more conservative?

And another thing, Rick Perry and Huntsman dropped out, thus releasing already dedicated votes - and Perry actually went against Romney in the debates asking him specifically for his tax returns.  Did he have a deal with Newt already and acted to be his hatchet man?  Probably.  So who is more conservative?  You gave the primary to a guy who attacked captialism and Romney's tax records without releasing his own (until the last minute).  But it was a false attack (no major presidential candidate has ever released his tax returns in recent history until the general election).

And the silly election night analysis by Bill Hemmer and others (like Britt Hume saying Mitt can't shake hands) is just appalling and somewhat incompetant (and I'm a fan guys. but really!)  I think Fox News and South Carolina have done a diservice to the country and the Republican Party in trashing Mitt Romney for 1) creating jobs and 2) paying his taxes.  It's a real shame.  Roger Ailles are you listening?\

UPDATE:  Thanks Britt Hume for reminding us late that Newt has the most unfavorable ratings nationwide of any candidate - way to bring it back to earth - I almost thought Megyn was going to cry.


Anonymous said...

Awesome article on the SC primary! It is nice to see some definition of your conservatism, realizing Palin is an idiot and criticism FOX.

I have been watching closely and on Wed made a bet against Romney at 6-1 odds to not win SC, when I saw the tide turning and knowing how southern evangelical and conservative that SC is and adding Palin and Perry's endorsement. Too many just want this fight to go on and are not ready for Romney.

This is a blip on the map and it will rotate back to Romney, hopefully in FL, but it may be later.

As for coverage, I know we have argued for years, but the neutral analysts on CNN, Gloria Borger and David Gergen, are outstanding.

And I have been watching The Five, a lot.

ANDREA TANTAROS, Andrea Tantaros, Andrea Tantaros, Andrea Tantaros, Andrea Tantaros....should be easy to remember now...

Anonymous said...

LiberalBias.Net has proven that most of the media does not have a liberal bias