Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Whoa Nellie! It Was a Great Game!

Roll Tide  - the clear National Champion
I am fairly tired of all of the media saying that Monday night's BCS college national championship tilt between Alabama and LSU was a bad game - like they were reviewing a movie.  It was a GREAT game!  After a bowl season full of arena league scores and zero defense, and frankly zero drama, we had it all in the BCS game with Alabama throttling previous unbeaten and No.1 LSU 21-0.  Not only did they totally manhandle LSU, the Tigers didn't even cross the 50-yard line until the game was almost over - and they also did this in New Orleans with 70% of the crowd cheering for LSU.

Of course there was nothing much to cheer about as LSU couldn't do anything right - and this was supposed to be the "greatest team ever?"  Ha.  That's what made the game exciting to me - seeing such an overhyped football power (who admittedly deserved to be No. 1 at the end of the regular season) get absolutely crushed on its virtual home turf - a good ol' college football smackdown.  Whoa Nellie!  After a year of exaggerated hyperbole (i.e. a Baylor QB gets the Heisman just because he beats a bad Texas team on the last week of the year) it was great to see real football settled the old way.

Meanwhile we have critics lambasting the game and wishing for other final game alternatives (now, all of a sudden, they wish they had Ok St in the BCS game - then why didn't you vote for it?).  Sorry, pathetic losers.  Enjoy the college game while you can - because in a couple of years the playoff advocates will get their wish and all of this will be over soon.  You'll be bitchin' about something else then.  Roll Tide.

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