Thursday, December 29, 2011

Barry Not Talking - To Anybody

Obama - Home Alone
Last month Chris Mathews surprisingly criticized the President saying that he doesn't really act like a President "should" - and implied that he specifically knows that over three years in office Obama has not cooperatively reached out to Congress to work on legislative deals and/or lead in anyway imaginable.  Now more press is emerging telling the same tale - that Obama and the White House don't talk to anybody.  Even his fellow Democrats are saying it as well.  And just recently Obama took a short plane ride to New Hampshire an obvious political hotspot, but didn't include any state officials on his flight, a gesture usually made to create a relationship with local pols.

Over and over it is being strongly suggested that this is a man who does not lead by developing a governing consensus amongst allies, and enemies alike, - as most leaders do - and as most everybody does in ordinary life.  He hasn't reached out to Congress to encourage conversations on issues and has basically eliminated communication at the White House.  He appears distant and isolated.  No, he is distant and isolated. This is not a man to lead the country or devise solutions to aid the union.  This is a man afraid of his own shadow.  How can one say he "can reach accross the aisle" to gain consensus when he doesn't even know who is on that aisle?

"There once came into Egypt a Pharoah who did not know."

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