Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shoot to Thrill

I spent the weekend in Sedona, AZ and didn't spend too much time on politics.  But, when I returned, I thought some of the threads being spun were terrific.  Specifically, the one that juxtaposes the killing of Bin Laden with the legitimacy of enhanced interogation techniques such as waterboarding.  Fox News" Chris Wallace had a White House security team member as his guest on Sunday and he posed the most interesting question of the past 10 years - "why is it legal to shoot an unarmed Bin Laden in the face twice, but we somehow cannot waterboard similar terrorists to unearth intelligence in the war on terror?" 

Of course, the confused official could not come up with an answer, because there is none.  In recent days some media types have rhetorically asked why Republicans can't give credit to Obama on this issue and it's precisely because of these antics - they won't ever own up to the fact that frankly being tough on our enemies actually yields results.  Even at this moment, Attorney General Holder would still like to imprison Bush officials who provided legal analysis regarding enhanced interrogation techniques - but in the same breadth want to give Obama full credit for taking Bin Laden down.  You can't have it both ways Barry.  And there's the rub.

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