Thursday, May 05, 2011

Gitmo Hypocrisy Marches On

This podium ain't big enough for the two of us.
Here are two great threads that describe in detail the hypocrisy (as described in my May 2nd post below) surrounding the zealous over-celebration of Obama the great in "finally getting Bin Laden" in light of the fact that every George W. Bush anti-terror mechanism he left in place helped the US get him.  And these were the things that the left, and Obama, campaigned and managed against during his term. 
 First Rush Limbaugh's excellent take.  And then Dana Loesch even adds more to the fire with leaked internal Democratic party talking points that stress to the liberal faithful to not give any credit to Bush.  These are must reads if you care about the leftist media spin. Boy, I really liked that call to unity Obama was talking about.  Way to go, lefties.  And, additionally, political analyst Michael Barone lays to bare the real irony here - that the very policies Obama and the left decried help bring Bin Laden down - and now they want overriding political credit for it.

By the way, Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone.  You too, Barry.

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