Saturday, October 03, 2009

The Ego Has Landed


That is the only way to label President Obama's ill-conceived trip to Copenhagen and to give a campaign-style emotive speech to try to win his adopted home town Chicago the 2016 Olympics. This "presentation" occurs on the day that unemployment hit a 30-year high, while he has yet to "decide" on a strategy in Afghanistan, and also while he is apparently trying to rest nukes away from the Iranians - you know, the ones he thought he could placate by "talking" with them. And then a few hours later Chicago becomes the first City voted out of a four city contest.


That is what anyone had to feel when they heard Michelle Obama's speech to the IOC (International Olympics Committee) talking about how her Dad had multiple sclerosis and "she sat on his lap while watching Nadia, Carl Lewis and Olga". Well that is some long lap to last over those 12 years of Olympics (and she was 20 when Carl Lewis was wearing his pumps). And who sits in anybody's lap to watch the Olympics? The commercials are too long. (Of course, we also had to hear from Michelle how it was such a "sacrifice" to jet to Copenhagen with Oprah to give her little speech.)


That is what this nation must feel as they watched their President trash the US again and say the only reason the Olympics should be awarded to Chicago is because 1) he had his presidential victory party there and 2)"he could take his daughters to see the games " at the end of his second term. What rubbish. One IOC member said "Obama's speech was high on emotion but lacked any detail". Well at least that is consistent - just like health care, just like the stimulus, and just like cap and trade. The man doesn't understand details.

I actually read two California papers this week that trumpeted how Obama's improved standing in the world and "overwhelming acceptance in the international community over Bush" would be just what was needed to get Chicago's bid. These articles just categorically assumed as fact that, since eveyone appeared to "like" Barry better, than people would fall over with their legs in the air and do whatever he wanted.

Well, the IOC isn't a host of deluded and ignorant elitist citizenery (and manufactured voters organized by ACORN) who respond to such emotional demogogory. And, in fact, in some circles it looks like this last minute trip, where it was just assumed that this mythical rock god imagery was just going to save the day, just simply backfired - and maybe even insulted the IOC.

And what is more important is you don't minimalize the office of the Presidency by going over and shilling for some contest. And you certainly don't do it unless you know it's in the bag. Talk about political miscalculation - you make a big show and go over there and trash your country and talk about sitting on laps and you get bubkus - and then you got to turn around and get tough with Iran?

Sheer idiocy my friends. I guess French President Sarkosy was right when he said this week that "Obama is extremely naive and has an endless ego". Well hopefully that ego has landed.


The Enemy Within said...

Spot on Rock. Great point about only going over if the win is in the bag to protect your poition as a statesman. Exactly what Clinton said after he went to North Korea to bring back those reporters. He would not have gone if the mission could fail. He protected his position, even as a former President.

Rock said...

Unbelievable. Troika has occured ladies and gentlemen. The Enemy and the Juggernaut agree! (I think....)