Friday, October 02, 2009

David Loserman

Okay, he's got in it now.

So glib, so on top of it. So pompous. Just last week he had his hero Obama on and drooled over him. Previous to that he made a lame joke about Sarah Palin's kids impugning their sexual imbiguity (i just typed that because I liked the word). Needless to say he was lambasted for that tasteless joke about a minor. And he wouldn't let that go - he insisted it was okay to attack someone in the media world view like they were fair game and it was really okay what he said because he was just joking.

And now he's porking everyone around him. And he was extorted - and he let everyone know on his show and still got laughs.
You know when I got out of college in the 80's Dave was the all the rage and I just loved him. He was a counter Johnny Carson, actually gave Jay Leno his big break (he would have him on the show all the time) and the band was fab also.

But now he is just a overly cranky and irritable liberal leftist. And now a whore. Who seems impelled to tell everyone on his show every bad thing he has done.

And still hasn't really apologised to Sarah properly.

Dave, just get the heck off the TV.

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