Thursday, August 10, 2006

Random Thoughts

While I’m still searching for reunion pictures I thought I would offer the following observations:

Is everyone still upset about the Patriot Act now that the Britons have foiled a major terrorist act – the advanced stages of planning to blow up 10 planes simultaneously on their way from the UK to the US? The Brits actually have more lenient laws than we do when it comes down to tracking terroist activities. Even since we have employed the Patriot Act we have foiled numerous plots – the most recent in Florida – but stateside these results are often met with derision instead of applause. People have such short memories. Way to go mates!

And related to that point. I wonder if Joe Lieberman would have won his Democratic Senatorial primary if it was held a week later. He lost to some rich cable guy who just tied the fairly conservative, for a Democrat, Lieberman to Bush and the war – even having commercials morph their faces together. On Tuesday as this Lamont character won he said something like “We can’t stay the course in Iraq and we can’t stay the course in America”. What does this mean? More Cinemax? Joe – I’d vote for you as an Independent and here’s $50 bucks that says you beat the cable guy in the fall.

I found myself in Target again yesterday buying various sundries at competitive discount prices and wound up getting Tom Petty’s new solo album Highway Companion. I was going to write a big deal about how Tom was also a background to most of our adult growing up but I found the first six songs on the CD to be nothing more than ditties. I love you Tom but maybe another time. If it gets better you’ll see a post later. I’m still pissed about the terrorists anyway.

I guess Mel Gibson feels better today.

And not just because major worldwide terrorist plots have finally driven his DUI arrest off the front pages and wide-screens of LA media. But because Robin Williams showed up at his detox center. Man, Katie bar the door. (Well put down little Suri first - if she exists.).

And then again - isn’t interesting that through an aggressive multi-media and internet campaign fueled by big cable dollars the Democrats run out of town Lieberman, who was their VP candidate six years ago, and who is also unapologetically Jewish (he doesn’t even use the phone on the Sabbath) – but then Mel, who gets picked up after a couple of pops, is the rabid anti-Semite and the scourge of western civilization. Unfortunately Mel’s most lethal weapon is his mouth.

Well at least he isn’t an anti-dentite.


wordgirl said...

Mel Gibson refusing to gainsay his father's denial of the Holocaust (as well as his own drunkenly spoien views of Jews IS NOT the same thing as Democrats supporting the candidate against Lieberman.

Democrats aren't the ones who've objected to Lieberman's "walk the talk" brank of religious faith. Remember? We're the ones who AREN'T trying to turn this country into a fundamentalist Christian theocracy. Anyway, they didn't support him because he's been backing the war. Republicans vilifed Lieberman until recently when he was willing to throw them a bone with his verbal support of the war.

Rock said...

Really just rambling aren't you?

Dan said...

If it was easier or rather possible to trust bush, then there would be more acceptance of the Patriot Act.