Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Heat is On

I smelled the smoke for the first time last night.

You see, while we live a mile from the water, there is an amazing blaze 200 miles east from here. While we live in LA the fire stuff is all the way in the desert space. So you will see LA in blaze but it usually is far away.

But being close to the coast the breezes will usually blow it out here. So as the blaze continued I always stood on my top deck to see if I could see any evidence of it. Nope, just the usual LA smog.

But last night I smelled it. It’s a weird deal. I smell smoke. It’s either your house or someplace far away.

It was someplace faraway.

In 2003 when places north of Pasadena and in San Diego were ALL on fire, I walked out one morning and found ashes falling down on the house, the car, the little kitties. It had blown out here. Ash snow in October, it was.

That’s why I was looking for it. We are under the most severe heat wave I have ever seen in 8 years in LA so we are much more in tune to things. The kitties are clinging the cold wood floors for coolness. They cry more than usual. Jack has a heavy coat and he’s miserable – and he’s our main cat. Many old houses in LA do not have AC and we are one where it usually only bothers you for 10 days – this year 30 days, and counting. And we are in the cool spot!

Unusual I tell you - sweating it out in LA. And looking for smoke.

Eddie Money said it - “Just Another Day, in LA”.

Ohmmigod Wally! It's my 30-year high school reunion this Friday and Saturday (deep in the heart of Texas)! (What to wear......)


Tink said...

Raining ash? That's crazy!

I'm an AC whore. It is usually about 74 degrees in my house all year round, which is pretty impressive when it's 101 outside. Then again, I HAVE gone through two AC units in three years.

Rock said...

Yeah - when I lived in Houston I spent about 6 months traveling back and forth to Miami for work, where I would spend greater parts of the week there. I would always tell my fellow Texans - it's just like Houston except its got palm trees, more crime and you can sometimes see the ocean - oh yeah and pastel overpasses.

Brooke said...

It's so freakin' hot these days that I am convinced the world's gone wacky.

The fire possibilities scare the crap out of me.

Have fun at the reunion!

wordgirl said...

I want pictures. Lots of them.