Saturday, June 24, 2006

Where is Kramer?

I mean where is this guy? He was one of the singular icons of the 1990’s with his incredible turn on Seinfeld (and we are meaning the actor Michael Richards). He was chocalately….minty….. and refreshing – he was a godamned Junior Mint by god. But he will always be Kramer and maybe that’s the deal. But where the hell is he?

He had a sitcom right after but that went away after a year – and it wasn’t that bad. So where did he go? I mean come on Kramer – are you just living off your earnings from Kramerica, Inc? Mr. Kramer? Should I book a booth for you and Mr. Seinfeld at Monks at noon, sir?

Lemme tellya about my brush with Kramer. We were at a Santa Monica beach front bistro – can’t remember the name – but it was one of the big ones. We’re very happy sitting in our booth doing what I think was noon-time brunch on a Sunday. In through the side door comes Kramer. And he sits in a booth across the aisle from us definitely talking to some TV producer types about what we think would be that show we talked about. This was 2000.

As usual the man straddled the booth and had as an expressive conversation as you would wish for from the man who was known as Kramer. From that meeting we witnessed you would think this man was going to be rolling in Hollywood for a long time.

We were that close to the man. Kramer. And he was out there and "living every minute of it".

But he is no more. Absent. A ghost.

Farewell thee Kramer. I will be at Bob Sacamano’s.


Tink said...

Have you ever seen that movie/documentary, "My Date With Drew?"

We should do something like that.

Low budget. Real cheesy. A desperate cry for attention.

We just might be able to pull it off.

"Where In The World Is Kramer?"

Brooke said...

Hehehe! Bob Sacamano.

Rock said...

Tink. Cheesy is good. Nah, I haven't seen that - I have to check that out.

I guess I hear ya though.

Brookie - good to hear from you. Are you keeping the bankers in line?

I'm having some mango with Kramer right now. Pete sure has some good fruit.

Jenny said...

I miss Cosmo.

Sadly, he was so totally his character that now I can't watch him in anything and not think "Kramer! That's Kramer!"

The guy's pretty much screwed.