Monday, June 26, 2006

Its Frankly Not About Me

A very prominent blogger in our blogosphere recently told me how I might attract more people to my site. Being a male in a fairly female world here, I was lamenting a bit on writing long tirades on certain topics but couldn’t quite rate up there with such topics as child birth, family, and spit-up et al. First of all she told me “not to go there” and secondly she said I wasn’t talking about myself enough. That most women wanted to hear people talk about their inner-selves and that was what was interesting. And even though I could go on and on about movies, TV and rock and roll – well that was only superficial stuff. I need to talk more about me. And that would be interesting. I also think she would sort of like to hear that more as well. Be careful where you get advice.

Well I’m not sure I agree but I’m going to give it a shot. There was a time in my life where I could do that very well – a long time ago. But what happens when you sort of mature (and I’m not saying anything here about anybody) you just pull the center off of yourself and motor on (“Motoring…!) I believe you can make your personality heard as you describe other events – and then that could show your colorful side – as it were.

I never wanted this blog to be about me. I wanted to be a faceless person who opined on pop culture (which I love) and politics. Obviously with respect to the latter I’m pretty much in a minority here but that’s okay. I have never been one to throw my beliefs on anyone, unless confronted. Believe what you want to believe. But if you really want to discuss it I will be glad to in a friendly social type of way. To me that is the only way for such discourse. Screaming and bleating is bad form.

What I do have to offer is that as a younger man I was really the only one of my fairly conservative friends who, while going through college, also lived a fairly counter-culture life while working at the hometown restaurant. It’s amazing to me that people I know now can be much more liberal than me who never went through that. I walked both sides. Fairly seriously.

It hit home this weekend. Deborah got invited to her art teacher’s party and it was like going back to the 70’s. I mean a bunch of people just sitting around playing bad guitar music and just chillin’. And the bohemians came out in droves. It was pretty much like where is the acid dude? I mean I can’t take this party unless I’m somewhere else mentally. While I haven't really been in that scene for years, there was a time I was cool when that meant something.

Later many of us were standing outside and the talk was pretty much 100% about government conspiracies. I mean it was funny that people were just talking like, well, everyone here must totally agree with our fairly fanatical views. Boy that took me back about 30 years. I’m standing outside with a bunch of stoner artists who think the world is going to hell – and I’m wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt.

There is more I would like to say here but I have to remember to talk more about me. I play a little guitar also. I’ve written a few ditties. I won a talent contest at college with a bottle of bourbon sitting in front of me. Maybe when it’s more in me I will tell you about it.


Tink said...

I think she gave you some great advice! I know I've been wondering who the Rock is. And what it is you're cooking. Ok, so that was a lame joke.

But in all honesty, we're people. People are curious by nature. If we wanted faceless/nameless journalism we'd read the newspaper.

What we want is more YOU.

wordgirl said...

See? Told you.

Rock said...

Journalism? I don't whether to be offended or honored!

Maybe I should write about that.

I hate it when WordGirl is right....

Mary-LUE said...

I never wanted this blog to be about me. I wanted to be a faceless person who opined on pop culture (which I love) and politics.

Rock, You can be faceless and opine and all such subjects but those opinions are still being formed out of the person you are; so, in a sense, it is always about you. But that can be a "good thing."

I think a lot of the personal expression that goes on in blogs by women happens because it is a place they can say whatever they want and it is safe. What works for you may be different but I think it a great that you are going to give "getting personal" a shot.

P.S. I hope this makes sense. I've not slept a lot this week and my mind is befuddled.

P.P.S. Came here via wordgirl (surprise).