Thursday, January 19, 2006

For BrookeDudeChick

Five Weird things about Me (because BrookeDude tagged me you SoCal girrrrl).

1) I have the uncanny ability to figure out which celebrity you are realted to, if you are related to a celebrity, even if your vague clues are clueless - ANWHERE ANYTIME. So , if you are related to somebody please send me your cloudy clues ASAP. By the way Cheech rules - who we discovered last week is related to our friend BrookeDude. But check in on Brooke here. We are all thinking about you.

2) Ever since I reached adulthood, people have told me I look like Tom Hanks – or somebody’s brother – I get the latter all of the time. People actually rush up to me at the airport and go “hey what’ s going on?” and its like “I’m sorry I don’t know who the hell you are”. Just this week in Fresno – “Hey dude, don’t I know you” “No man, but I get that all of the time”. I am EVERYMAN. Fairly weird. Regarding my buddy Tom Hanks – at one company I worked for, every time I got in an elevator with one Vice President he used to go on and on about how I looked like Tom. All day long. Now we do share similarities – bad fluffy hair, small but piercing eyes and expressive faces. I think I have a bit more swarthiness in me but I do have fun in seeing how we may still look alike as we age – and it is sort of true. But I don’t get the Tom thing as much anymore – but I am very familiar somehow to a whole broad range of people in very public places – for some weird cosmic reason.

3) I have a bit of “compulsiveness” about me – and I’ m not sure this is the right term. But as a kid my parents used to drag me around to open houses and when I sauntered through one I would find myself compelled to, like, touch all of the walls of a certain closet because I thought I had to. What is that? Does anybody else feel that? I sort of willed that away as a kid as, stupid finally, but now when leaving on business trips I sometimes find myself coming back to this house after driving away to check on the stove or a window et al. And when leaving with Deb for a movie or something I do leave her waiting by the car for more time then she would like as I’m checking on things. It’s not near as anything as when I was a kid – but I find myself “over checking” myself a number of times.

4) I have a bit of an oral fixation. This was a fun term to use on girls in college – and anyway you look at it I am fairly oral – but it used to be wads of bubblegum as a kid and then as I worked in restaurant it translated to toothpicks. I need a supply all of the time and I can categorically now tell you the consistency of any toothpick in the land. Old girlfriends and others knew how I have may have been thinking about them if I included a toothpick or two in a letter. And Deborah knows where to get one at anytime.

5) I am such a girl when it relates to celebrity’s gossip and Golden Globes and all of that stuff – love E!People magazine is a staple for me on a plane instead of the Wall Street Journal – I am a media whore and the best that you will see. The Oscars in our house is just like the Super Bowl. Must have been because my parents watched them as well and I can still remember hearing “Rod Steiger – In the Heat of the Night”. Now as a ten year old I have no fucking idea what this means but it seemed damned exciting – and this has translated over the years as something special.

Love the Red Carpet, y’all.

Get well Brooke – we miss you and your wit.


wordgirl said...

I always loved the toothpicks spilling of your Christmas cards. Your nose is more Aquiline than Tom's.

Rock said...

Aquiline? Wha'?

If there is one thing I will take credit for is that I have a damn fine nose.

Tink said...

I have an oral fixation too. Only it's with mechanical pencil erasers. I can't help but chew them off within the first five minutes of using it... And then I have to go buy more because you can't have a pencil without an eraser. Tom Hanks huh? *Whistles* BIG fan of BIG. :)

wordgirl said...

Sorry...Patrician nose...Aristocratic

Brooke said...

Love the pics! Yup...there's cuz. :)

You are too sweet and I really appreciate your good wishes.

Most of all I really really love #5. It must have something to do with our growing up in L.A.


Rock said...

Tink: Love Big too - and I also thought Elizabeth Perkins was fairly hot.

WG: I never knew anybody who has so many titles for noses. Where the heck did this come from?

BrookeDude: Glad to see you up and blogging. I'm a big fan of HBO's "Entourage" but this has been an amazing "group hug" - and we all hope it helps in days going forward.

So as Ari Gold would say let's just "hug it out".

Arabella said...

Yay--a fellow People-reader! Although, honestly, Us Weekly is my favorite.

kate said...

Great blog- I will be back