Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Clueless President

"I didn't know...even though I campaigned every day on it..."
Last week the President of the United States gave a press conference where he discussed the shortcomings of his signature legislative achievement - Obamacare.  While trying to insinuate that this was a administration glitch that he would take full responsibility for - he prattled on in a rather startling display of seemingly unawareness as he conceded that 1) buying IT projects at the government level was an administrative nightmare, 2) building a website with multiple options was "hard" and 3) buying insurance "period" was "difficult". 

Gee Mr. Omniscient President, the "smartest man to every hold the office" - maybe that is something you and the rest of your Democratic cabal should have thought about before you tried to remake 1/6th of the nation's economy!  He then went on to say that there is no way he would have promoted the roll-out of the program if he knew the website had problems.  That is now, a week later, being debunked as well.  He basically said he was too smart to promote it if it wasn't working - so he could not know - but why wouldn't the most powerful man in the world know about the likelihood of his crowning achievement could work or not?  Inexplicable.

What is clear is that if the President isn't just blatantly lying, he is then unbelievably incompetent and frankly reckless with the goodwill of the nation's people who have blindly elected him twice based on his lies and the nation's general economic health as well.  In fact, the President may have just destroyed the health care system for at least the upcoming year with his unbelievable arrogance and inevitable narcissism.

2014 Campaign Poster
The Obamacare debacle just keeps getting worse by the day - and even Democratic supporters are now calling for its repeal.  This after years and years of conservative voices predicting how this was an unworkable premise. Even if you believed the idea of government run healthcare did you believe it could be put together by a ragtag bunch of politicos and lobbyist hacks?   And, you know, they only had three years. But no one every thought this rollout would be such a tremendous disaster of these proportions - we just learned this week that they haven't even developed a payment function for the website!  And still Obama seemingly ordered it to go forward on Oct 1 anyway

Liar?  Or incompetent?  Either is untenable for this great nation.

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