Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Benghazi 2013: "What Difference Does It Make!?"

Seriously, what the diff....?  I have a campaign to run.
Indeed.  What difference does it make?  Four dead Americans.  A failed foreign policy on display a a mere days after the Democratic National Convention that droned on and on (no pun intended) about how Al Queda is "on the run" and Obama has conquered all.  Since then we have had nothing but lies and obfuscation from the administration about their failure to protect our embassies abroad on the 11th anniversery of September 11.  They did well to lie their way to a win in November, but the untruths keep coming in 2013.

First, we have last month's Hillary Clinton hearing before Congress where Democrats showered her with bon mots and Republicans were too busy making speeches that they never gave her the opportunity during those five-minute segments to let her hang herself on her own words - the very words we know lead to mistruths because she did nothing but purvey innacuracies about the incident since last September. 

Hillary inexplicably proclaimed that she never saw cables from the late-Ambassador asking for more security prior to September 11.  This is the Secretary of State (!) who is getting verbal kisses from Democrats for what a great job she did but she didn't know about "her dear friend" Ambassador Stevens impassioned pleas for help?  Or did she just not act?

Hillary claimed she had a "clear-eyed view" of the problems in the Middle East but she didn't review despairing cables from her dear friend?  When she did have time to answer questions (instead of time filled up by blustery, long-winded questions from Congressmen) she filled her bloviated answers with procedural nonsense and listing of long-worded-named agencies. And when she did become flustered upon the minimal direct questioning about her non-involvement in a 'state' activity she threw up her hands and exclaimed "At this point what's difference does it make!?"  Her testimony was dispicable and certainly untruthful.

Three weeks later, outgoing CIA Chief Leon Panetta said he did not talk to President Obama after his 5 PM meeting the day the Benghazi attacks occured.  He also said he did not talk to Hillary.  He claimed the State Department did not ask him to act.  Meanwhile the attacks went on for another 9 hours.  What were they doing?  No, what the f--- were they doing?!!!

Nothing to see here...it's all good.
A week prior to this admission, the CBS 60 Minutes program (long-known for its hard hitting investigative journalism) interviewed both President Obama and Hillary as an apparent homage to their unlikely Cabinet pairing after being bitter rivals for the presidency in 2008.  No questions were asked about Hillary's performance at the Congressional hearings or recent issues about Benghazi.  CBS's Steve Kroft just blew them kisses - and later admitted it.  Mike Wallace is rolling over....

"...like peas and carrots..."
While we have a complicit and immoral press, it is apparent that more Americans will die needlessly abroad and nothing will be done about it. The mainstream press refuses to ask questions.  Welcome back to the era of Yellow Journalism.

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