Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fox News Fails to Recognize Romney's Win in Arizona Debate

What's not to like?
I'm not sure what debate they saw but Romney had to slow Santorum's surge and he did by putting Santorum on the defense for the entire debate.  Romney has had to battle back all comers in this primary including Bachman, Perry, Cain, Gingrich and now Santorum - and he has done it effectively each time.  Republicans should be encouraged that he does not shrink from a challenge and can be very direct in his arguments while also offering improved policy platforms - a formula which will work very favorably against Obama. And isn't that what this whole primary is about?  I frankly don't understand what's not to like about Romney - he seems like the perfect candidate to me (as Ann Coulter has very well recently penned).

Santorum has been postioning himself as the "real conservative" in the race, but he got pinned down on voting for big goverment education programs (among other things) and saying he voted against his principles.  Sorry. that's not "real conservative".  Last night many right wing blogs, some that have openly supported Santorum, said Romney won.  But today at Fox News they are pooh-poohing the debate as "unimportant" and defending Santorum's performance. Brett Baiar's show hardly discussed the debate.  Liz Cheney, filling in for Hannity, actually asked her panelists if Romney should "drop out of the race" if he didn't win Michigan! Bill O'Reilly blew a gasket saying that none of the candidates spoke about economics, energy or Iran - but they did.  Not exactly sure what you were watching Bill - they all casitigated Obama for not paying attention to Iran and Romney even laid out a plan to deal with Syria, along with his new tax plan.  They all have dumped on Obama's ridiculous allegiance to unproven green energy and have supported increased domestic oil exploration.  Fox News simply ignored reporting on the factual events of the debate. 

I simply do not understand what the "conservative" media have against Romney - he is really the only adult in the room (Newt has too much baggage, Paul is whacky and Santorum is simply not ready for prime time  - and frankly, not presidential). Rumor has it that Mitt has been chilly with the press and has not granted them as much access as they would like.  But is this anyway for the "fair and balanced" Fox News channel to act?  CNN provided a much more measured analysis of the outcome - and that's not debateable.

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