Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - Losers Without a Cause

The young and the restless
Let's call it for what it is - a disgrace. Occupy Wall Street is nothing but a bunch of do-nothing ne'erdowells hunkering down on someone else's property to protest about er, uh, that guy's property. It's a joke, and as commented by many - this "movement" is more of an effort to replicate 60's-throwback-style revolution, without a real cause. Yes, I said it - a rebel without a cause.

Initially compared to the Tea Party (really?), this lawless movement has been coddled by the mainstream media for the past month (and unfortunately by conservative pols and pundits, as well) but finally, people are coming out of the woodwork to call a spade a spade. With no concrete message, and anarchy fueled violence spreading, these people need to go and municipal governments need to do what they are paid to do, which is protect the citizenry. From the clueless New York Mayor Bloomberg to the anarchist sympathizer Mayor of Oakland, our  municipal leaders have fallen down in protecting their stakeholders. Not to mention those other elected officals in the Democratic Party, and the White House. And for that, we should really protest.

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Anonymous said...

Finally!!!!! Yes, I so agree with you!!! It's pointless!!