Wednesday, November 09, 2011

JoPa Gets Piled On

Unnecessary roughness
I'm sorry - but I don't quite get this.  The same administrators and school trustees who weren't exactly clued into what was going on nine years ago now are throwing the book at legendary Hall of Fame football coach Joe Paterno and firing him.   Yes, he should have retired long ago, but the school apparently wanted him and more importantly, so did the student body.  But because school administrators did not act on information he gave them nine years ago about a FORMER employee Joe is being shown the door.  Don't get it. 

I understand that the grand jury investigation transcript of the charges against the actual perpetrator and two senior administrators (of which JoePa is not named) looks bad, but I don't understand the over-the-top vitriol shown towards Joe - and especially from conservatives.  Some of the same people who bristled at the recent media treatment of Herman Cain are leaping on this bandwagon and casting the first stones at JoePa (mostly because they hate and misunderstand football, I presume).  And, do you also realize that there is more coverage tonight of "students marching in the street" then there ever was for violence at the Occupy Wall Street stuff? 

Over at ESPN, sports pundits are howling outrage at how college football has undermined our society (even though ESPN has caused much of the recent conference shuffling with their own meddling - see Longhorn Network).  Also, several former ESPN on-air personalties have been shown the door for sexual harrassment themselves during this same time period - did those pundits go straight to the police with what they knew?  I don't think so.  I understand the Penn State charges are serious - but the moral hypocrissy of the press is also.

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Rock said...

Per ESPN - the Pardon the Interuption guys were the most even handed on the day regarding the Penn State incident - they actually took care with their comments and realized the issues with a beloved coach and his collegiate fan base. On the other Mark May, a longtime ESPN analysit and ex-Pitt player lambasted Penn State, Joe Paterno and even suggested they not play football again this year. This was over-the-top, ridiculous and hysteric reaction. Mark, have a drink.