Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Amanda Knox is Innocent

She's innocent and always has been.
Thank god this woman was acqutted.  She was railroaded, period.  And the press still talks about her like she is guilty.  It is terrible.  It is a classic case of the press not doing their job.  Even now I am watching some clueless woman on CNN who can't even get her facts straight about the case.  This has happened across all media, even Fox.  No one seems to know the facts or cares. It is pitiful that people are jumping on reporting this case and don't have any clue what it is about.

She was railroaded.   Period.  No DNA, no motive, no nothing.  The Italian prosecutor was corrupt. He even spent 16 months in jail.  Everyone knows it.  The Italian people even eventually came around.  Get over it .

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