Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Republican Debates - MSNBC Style

MSNBC - a collection of liars.
Watching the Republican Debates tonight from the Reagan Library in Simi Valley - a lovely place I have been to and would recommend everyone to visit - was a surreal moment.  Not because of the debates - but because it was on MSNBC.

Watching the aftermath of the debates on MSNBC is like watching the bizarro world.  These people live in their own far-out liberal heads and don't understand simple economics.  Starting with Chris Mathews, is who so consumed with what Tip O'Neil did 30 years ago, and that little man Rachael Maddow, its like watching a circus of limited minded midgets trying to scale a wall.

Bizzaro Superman
They, of course, pounced on Rick Perry's definition of Social Security as a "Ponzi Scheme", an unfortunate choice of words I would agree for Perry, but which he did not back down on - and immediately suggested that that was a great divide between he and Mitt Romney.  The reality is that they both said the same thing - that Social Security needs a fix to make sure it exists for everyone in the future. They consistantly said that Perry was for ABOLISHING social security - which he is not - and somehow made Romney look good - but he said the basic same thing. This what what they all waxed on about for hours last night.

Whatever, they spent the whole night trashing the frontrunner without listinening to what is going on.  Also they borught on Alex Winter from the Huntington Post who "fact checked" statements from the debate and loudly proclaimed that Perry "lied" when he argued with Obama's claim that the "border" was safe (in his speech in El Paso earlier this year) -when there is clear evidence of gun running under Obama's own "Fast and Furious" program.  This brain surgeon, with a gleeful grin on her face, compared "crime at the border" with "crime in other border cities such as San Diego, Houston and others", implying crime was down there and suggesting that there was not a border issue at all.  Not a more disingenuous comment has ever made on this network.

MSNBC - yellow journalism.  You are a loser organization and an association of liars.

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