Wednesday, May 25, 2011

American "Idols" Into Lame Finish

Pia was the best.
I have written my opinion on so many blog sites that I feel I have posted this many times.  I was not impressed with the two finalists Scotty and Lauryn (loved Pia and Haley) but congrats to Scotty anyway.  I don't know how these two (he and Lauryn) got to the finals (besides the obvious cheering from the "non-partisan" judges) given the superior talent amongst the final 11, but so be it.  Last year's winner Lee Dwyze sucked also.  People have written about the power of southern states voting but that doesn't explain why Dwyze, from Chicago, won last year with no discernable talent, over the very talented Crystal Bowersox.  What does explain some of it is the fact that this was the first year one could vote on-line via Facebook, and up to 50 times with a mere tap of your mouse, but only by signing over access to all of your information - and your "friends" information - to AT&T.  That kind of disclosure prevents me from voting on-line - but it won't stop 12 year olds.  That's why Ryan Seacrest can crow from week to week about the record  breaking vote totals - well you have on-line voting from tweeners now.   They are going to have to change that.  Lauryn Alaina's duet with Carrie Underwood showed us why.  Many on blogs say she will be the next Carrie.  When Lauryn croaked out the first verse of "He Cheats" we could see this was certainly not the case - thank god Carrie came on to finish the song properly.

So was Haley.
The final show is generally good for solid entertainment value and it did start out great with 4th place James Durbin singing with Judas Priest, but it really fizzled at the end with an overwrought slow Beyonce song (where she pleaded "make love to me" over 30 times on a purported family show featuring young country singers that many "fans" claim is "what we need") along with a bad Broadway Spiderman song featuring U2's Bono and The Edge and some other offkey guy - really dreadful.  What we really wanted is Pia - who many thought should have won - to sing a feature song.  But I guess finishing 8th place doesn't give her a platform on the finale (no - we had to watch JLo shiver for the wife-beating Mark Anthony) and even Haley couldn't bring it up a notch singing a non-plussed duet with Tony Bennet - a nice gig any other time - but rumors were she wanted to sing a new song she rehearsed with her father.

Tweener voters couldn't attend.
AI - you need to fix this krap.  They think they had a successful year - and the overall talent was entertaining (loved Casey as well) - but they did not create an atmosphere to let the best win at all.

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