Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Obama Doctrine

Do As I Say, No - As I Do, No - Aaagh.  Time to hit the links.

During the last Presidential election, Sarah Palin got blistered by ABC's Charlie Gibson for not knowing the Bush Doctrine.  Well I wonder what Charlie would think about Obama not even knowing what his own Doctrine is!?  Below I labeled Obama the Vacuous President - but now I want to call him the Ambivalent President.  I don't share all of the recent assorted conservative dogma that clamors for Obama to immediately explain his position on Libya while abroad (mainly because I'm relatively happy he's done something) - and, yes its vague and you can tell he was coaxed into it and he's trying to put his toes in the water before he totally alienates his base.  But if he doesn't come clean by this weekend (and fully addresses the nation) after he gets back from his romp in Rio - then it is a sad case indeed.

George W. Bush took over a year and a half to lobby for the war on Iraq, going before the UN, talking to the American people and getting Congressional approval - and was still roundly criticized for it - and by Obama himself!  Granted the Libya situation was something for the US and the international community to immediately take advantage of and move quickly - but he even did not do that.  He dithered and "Hope" withered.  Eventually Hillary made him do it a month later.  She definitely has more balls then him.

Barry - you got till the weekend to explain what the mission in Libya really is.  And maybe, for the very first time, you can "be clear".

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