Sunday, January 09, 2011

Tucson Blame Game

The liberal media blame game that immediately commenced after Saturday's shootings of up to 20 people in a Tucson Safeway parking lot that centered around Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords has taken such a strataspheric tangent to reality that it has fueled a counter argument that has generated even more heat. The tragic gunning down of six lives at a politcal meeting in a shopping center by a 22-year old leftist communist nut-job has now spurred calls for a reduction in the "heat of rhetoric" that has apparently just "recently permeated our politics". Democrats and the mainstream media have blamed the Tea Party, Republicans, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and others in creating an atmosphere which somehow spawned these attacks.

This, of course, is just pure rubbish. But it also goes to the intellectual honesty of the left - find the quickest knee-jerk explanation and that is the cause. It is laughable - but also sad. While many criticized Sarah Palin for having certain Democratic legislators in her "sites" for the mid-terms (over a year ago) they neglect that the very left wing "Daily Kos" website did the same thing.

What is even worse is the mainstream media jumping to conclusions - or let's just call it like it is - MAKING conclusions based on non-fact and their ideological view. This Newsbusters article sums it up very nicely. But shame on the media and their absolutely disgusting display of bias. In the end the shooter was a head case, pure and simple.


Dj Bobby - The Indian Guy said...

LiberalBias.Net has proven that most of the media does not have a liberal bias

Rock said...

Like someone would actually trust a site named ""? That's a joke. Do you actually think this event occured because of Republican politics? Because that is what the left win MSM said a year ago?