Saturday, January 01, 2011

Read the Constitution? Bah! Humbug. Happy New Year!

As the uber liberal MSNBC cable news program channel gets ready for the new year they are discussing the ramifications of the new Republican majority in the House and how they are going to start off reiterating the benefits of the U. S. Constitution - a document that was critical to the governance and development of this nation. In this video, Washington Post writer Ezra Klein claims this founding document hard to understand "because it was written over 100 years ago". Of course that would be 1910 - not 1787 - but what's a century or two?

This is what passes as political discourse on MSNBC - note the contempt in the anchor's voice as she describes that the House may actually read the Consititution (an act that may take less time then Charley Rangel's elongated pleas for leniency in his censure hearings) aloud at the start of its first session. Read the Constitution!?? Hrmmph!

Meanwhile, enjoy this post from our friends at the much more interactive Red Eye. Happy New Year!!!

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