Sunday, August 15, 2010

No Mas; No Mosque

President Obama's latest pronouncement on the controversial placement of a mosque and Islamic community center two blocks from Ground Zero again brought questions about his inherent ability to lead but also his understanding of international policy and diplomacy. Not only that - but on Friday he apparently held up the inherent principles of religious freedom at a White House dinner commemorating Ramadan - and then the next day walked back those comments saying he wasn't really opining on the merit of the placement of the facility. Yup - that's leadership alright. Waffler-in-chief.

The location of the mosque is really only significant in understanding the world that the people who killed us desire. It’s not that the people building the mosque or the place is a problem. It’s that the Taliban and our enemy would see it as a trophy. They would see it as the place Allah gave to them during a great victory. They would see it as a place that they wanted to worship (the worst of the worst terrorists would want to worship there as much or more than Al Aqsa).

The Islamic world is increasingly anti-American, if its media are a reflection of sentiment. Despite the alleged healing abilities of Obama, the Muslim world sees him as either (a) a failure and/or (b) weak. For them -- radical or moderate -- the erection of a mosque near Ground Zero isn't about tolerance; it's about submission - and its a very visible provocation.

And, hey, that's what the West is saying, too. Look at recent policies in France and the Netherlands -- they're moving away from concessions to non-assimilating Muslims in their countries. Their media paints Obama as either (a) a disappointment/failure and/or (b) weak. You can bet France would never let a mosque be built near the site of a major Muslim attack, and Sarkozy wouldn't utter the statement Obama has.

It’s good to hear Obama opine about the importance of ‘freedom of religion’. While I appreciate the leader of the free world's opinion on the first amendment, I wish Obama would use his new found appreciation for freedom of religion to encourage other nations to adopt the same policy.

In other words, instead of apologizing to the Muslim community, he should have said, this is what real freedom is. When people aren’t allowed to worship as they please, they are not free. In Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia where they do not allow freedom of religion (or even freedom to escape religion), their people are neither good Muslims (they are forced to be Muslims), nor are they free.

This actually could be a "teachable moment". All Obama did Friday was come out and say that he agrees with the 1st Amendment. Suddenly the MSM calls this "courageous" and "great leadership". The Sunday shows trumpeted his leadership. But here would have been a perfect opportunity to add that he thought the Muslim backers of this mosque "acted stupidly" in picking that site.

Obama would then unfortunately have a problem in teaching the countries he has groveled in front of on our behalf. Yes Obama, freedom of religion is important - leadership is even more paramount. Ask the Muslim nations if they agree.
And, then, of course, the next day he flipped flopped anyway.


Beverly said...

Your argument loses what tiny shred of credibility you imagine it has when you can't spell for shit. Try not to camp too much on what you perceive as the stupidity of others when you clearly struggle so mightily with the task of stringing words together yourself. This handicap, combined with your obvious lack of objectivity just makes you look sad and bitter.

Rock said...

Thanks - I appreciate it. I have no idea what you think is misspelled however. And thanks for cussing too. Are you an old girlfriend - or maybe my mother?

Beverly said...

No to both questions. Merely a person who understands that arguments lose their impact when they aren't articulated in the best way possible. Why would an old girlfriend care about how you write? You're completely welcome for the cussing. Are you sensitive to that kind of thing? said...

"flopped" and "groveled". The first one needed an "o" and the second one only has one "l". I'm curious.

Rock said...

OK - well thanks for that.