Monday, February 22, 2010

Same Time Next Year

The Democrats like to say they "book-ended" the start of the health care debate a year ago and followed it up with Thursday's (Feb 25th) Health Care Forum moderated by Barry O. In a word the Republican's smoked them with facts, constantly questioning the President on his own plan (of which he could not provide answers) and all the Democrats did was recite stories of poor people and their hand me down dentures. Please see this excellent synopsis of Barry's failed strategy.

For the first time this year Republicans were able to expose the flaws in the Barry's plan and show the nation what it truly is - an incomprehensible sham on the nation. They borrow, or raid, from Medicare - a program that is already bankrupt and also pay for this is new taxes - without providing anyone any new coverage until ten years from now. An absolute shame.

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