Sunday, October 18, 2009

Meet the Mess

On a weekend that was "welcomed" by a Friday announcement that the deficit is at a new level of $1.4 trillion, triple what it was just a year ago, the big news at the Obama administration sponsored NBC's Meet the Press sunday talk show was a 40-minute piece on "women in the workplace". Seriously, with the healthcare debate in full throttle, an army general asking for more troops in Afghanistan for over three months now, the burgeoning deficit - and this show devotes almost it entire duration to this ground breaking topic. Astounding.

The show started and ended with the underwhelming comments from Senior White House Advisor Valerie Jarrett who was introduced to the show with a slew of softballs from man-boy host David Gregory that was just an embarassing display of journalism. Gregory did not care about any of her answers because he was never going to refute or respond to anything she said - he just wanted to get to that fabulous "women in work" segment with Maria Shriver. (who surprisingly was not on her cell phone).

GREGORY: How is the President going to increase jobs?

JARRETT: Oh well the President has a plan, he passed the stimulous and it is only half spent and we just have to wait until it works...he wakes up everyday trying to find new ways to create jobs.......

Of course this is all paraphrased from the real show but it was plain embarrassing. Why does the world and the main stream media continue to impughn Sarah Palin, who actually held a real goverment job, and this woman can come on, say nothing and be thanked for her "contribution to the show". This woman who helped Obama get elected (good job Valerie) but has not one original principaled thought in her head - or at least did not show it. (And was perhaps going to profit mightily from the Olympics coming to Chicago since she owned real estate that would have benefited from the Games).

But you know that is not really the point here. The point is Valerie Jarrett? - empty suit; same old cliched circular explanations of nothing. And Meet the Press? - the Sunday version of the View.

Embarrassing, America. Just embarrassing.

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