Saturday, February 28, 2009

Apocolypse Now

It is amazing that in a year that a black President can be inaugurated - which to its very core repuidates slavery and its entrappings and enboldens the very heartstrings that the Civil Rights movement of the 60's was made of - that even because of that - this new black President is now going to enlsave the American people and its economy by forcing massive and ill-advised spending programs along with increased taxation on virtually every slice of American life.

And this if freedom? The new President Obama wants to reshape America, a success story of a nation 200+ years young, into his own delusional vision and in its very thought crush the future of our country. By increasing taxes on an a ever-decreasing percentage of "super earners" - the so-called"two-percent solution" -he throws the entire burden of taxation on a small sliver of the population thus causing the other super majority of the population to appove of increasing spending programs since it does not impact them at all. And this, my friends, is the road to socialism. See here.

At the same time he told most of the nation that they would all get a tax cut - that is now a lie - and a further greater lie, or truth, will be that after it is determined the top 2% cannot pay for his increasing irresponsible spending programs then the middle class will have to take up the burden (here).
Meanwhile in just seven weeks his announced plans of 1) inaction to the banking crisis, 2) ridiculous rushing through of a stimulus package (a trillion dollars y'all) that won't stimulate anything, and 3) his clear denuciation of all that is capitalism in the year 2009 are all wrecking the market and everyone's economic hopes. And Obama can't blame anyone else anymore - his own actions have just deflated the market and the short-term investment and retirement aspirations for many (here).

Here's to hoping he has "relations with an intern" soon so impeachment procedings can commence. Unfortunately such an admittedly playful (and wishful) situation will not solve the problem because that will leave Joe 'gaffe a day" Biden in the way, and then after that Nancy Pelosi. George Washington is certainly rolling over in his grave. More attestment to this embarassment can be found here, here, Lies here.
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