Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bottomline: Financial Meltdown Democrats Fault

You won't see it on the mainstream news. No, they would rather talk about lipstick and the expense of GOP women's clothes. But the history of this meltdown has all of its roots with the Democratic Party as seen here.

Meanwhile you won't hear much about how Obama has taken money from Fannie and Freddie and has had his VP candidate search managed by the head of Fannie Mae - a guy who has already been disgraced by acknowleding he got favorable loan conditions.

It is all rather shameful by the press - the MSN has gotten this all out of whack. The only guy to really get it right is Rick Barnes of Fox who correctly stated this is not an economic problem but a financial markets problem.

By the way - did you see how a former Hillary supporter, and a elite at that, has come out for McCain and actively dissed MSNBC's Cambell Brown in the process? It's here and it's sublime. She said the party left her not the other way around.

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